Empire J #4 – Who are we

Who are we? Who are you? Finding our identity. (June 7th 2017) 50minutes

Importance of finding yourself, knowing who you are?
-It’s the starting key to your happiness.
-Define yourself with your values.
-Invest in Truth to yourself, not lies you make up about yourself.
-Focused energy, no wasting on fakery.
-Know when to say Yes to what actually pleases you
-You will get good at what you love.
-Doing what you enjoy is not work
-Do you identify yourself with external entities? Hockey team? Imaginary boundaries of a fiction called a country? Animals don’t have borders. Does their nature change because of what is around them? They just BE what they ARE.
-Identify the values that will define your desires, aspirations, what you enjoy, and the values that represent what you don’t enjoy.
-Identify the values and likes to focus the energy on the right things. Get to the essentials, to the essence of YOU.

Who am I, Empire J?
-I love Science fiction. Why science fiction? To me it’s representations of what could be. The value of betterment, exploration, curiosity, evolution, problem solving, intelligence. It’s the stimulation of the imagination, to dream of wild potentialities. Even as a kid I was a visionary on many possibilities for humans.
-I love technology. I always want technology to solve problems, simplify life. We know that’s not always the case. Sometimes it complicates our life. Technology for me is a manifestation of science fiction dreams.
-I eat computers. Why like computers so much? They are tasty.  Was on computers since I was a kid. All self-taught. I realized then that you could do EVERYTHING on a computer, and it represented a physical manifestation of some ideas from science fiction. I had the vision to understand everything a computer would be able to do in coming years. As computers were able to do more and more, I explored those features and capabilities as they came out. When graphics evolved, I would explore image creation using expanded color palettes. When communication was possible through modem, I learned to connect to BBSes and host my own for 9 years. When sound evolved, I explored making music, and digital sound editing later on, to now express that expertise through this show, among others. That’s why I enjoyed the music of Tangerine Dream even back then, because to me it was a manifestation of the possibility of electronic keyboards and evolving sound technology to create something new, different, intelligent in it’s beautiful complexity. Video came along, and then came exploration of video trans-coding, DVD ripping/conversion, DVD video production, Video editing.
-Other values I hold dear: Betterment of people/society, hence exposing corruption. Truth, integrity. Integrity I am, truth I give. Simplicity, decomplexifying, vulgarizing.
-I like status quo.
-Not ambitious. Working on that. Intrigued when saw the question on a dating site. I figure some women, liking resource gatherers, must be something they need to gauge.

Who are you?
-How do you know who you are?
-Explore as many things as you can when you are young. Do everything 2-3 times to see if it’s your thing.
-Find what you enjoy doing, to the point where it doesn’t feel like work, so that you can live off of that.
-Find the means to do what you enjoy.

Who are we?
-Associating with people with common values, goals and understandings.
-You need to find out who you are to find the right groups.
-Remain open to exploring new groups, new people and experiences to learn, evolve, change, adapt your understandings, values, tastes, needs and wants.

-Confidence is oneself through knowing oneself. Know how you will react in various situations by experiencing them. Once you have done it, you know what to expect of that situation, and of yourself.
-Confidence brings clear vision
-Less bad influence from others
-Manipulators are not attracted to confident people.
-How do you know you have confidence? –If everything burns down around us, I know things will be fine.


Music: “Point of Departure“, by Sleeperspaceborn, from Remixes album

Creeping Upon, from Command & Conquer album
Kannas Nsp, by Bad Loop, from Luo album
legho (send someone off to their dreams), by Esem
Campaign Opening Video, by Duane Decker, from MechWarrior 4; Vengeance
Thrust, by Marc Girard
Kauniit Ihmiset, by Bad Loop, from Luo album
Conscience, from Starcraft II – heart of the swarm
Stay, by Xerxes & Phoenix, from First Ray of Light album

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