Who do you know that could use a break with their service bills, or even get them for free?

  • Competitive pricing  to help get a break on monthly bills.
  • FREE Internet, Phone or Cellular service for my customers who refer me 5 other customers. (Only pay the taxes. The empire is not THAT powerful yet 🙂 )
  • Feed hungry children every time bill is payed. Think of the children! Be a solution for society.
  • Create local jobs. No outsourcing Customer & Technical Support, stays in North America.
  • FREE computer technical service for all my customers that I can drive to. Have viruses? Slow computer? Something broken? I can fix it
  • Contribute to Empire J if it’s of value to you. Pay Empire J instead of paying more your service, and ads all over the place.

CONTACT me for exact pricing in your area. Availability and prices vary on areas.

Internet service at home.

  • 60mbits speed across Canada (120mbits in certain provinces), nationwide United States at various speeds.
  • Get it for FREE in Canada and United States. I will assist you to get it free.

Phone service at home.

  • Free long distance calling in 80 countries.
  • All phone features
  • MORE countries optional if needed
  • Philippines calling plan with reduced rates.
  • Get it for FREE in Canada and United States. I will assist you.

Cellular phone service in Canada, United States & Mexico.

  • Get it for FREE in the United States & Mexico. I will assist you.



What I can do. Talk to me if you need my expertise.

  • Computers are my thing.
  • Web site servers are my thing.
  • Audio production is also my thing, listen to the SHOW

I do computers and the internets. I love computers, all technology and everything related. I can build a web site, and even make it run with 10 millions hits a day if you are that big and need that.